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Chris Ingrassia "The Doc" from Mustang Restorations, Inc. Interview

Episode Summary

Chris Ingrassia, President, Mustang Restorations, Inc. His knowledge of the business is second to none. At any given point he will have 20-30 Mustangs in his shop. He is the president of Mustang’s Restorations Inc and his family has been in the restoration business since 1980 although his love affair with Mustangs goes back well beyond that. Chris Ingrassia also known as The Doc runs the show, and is here today to talk shop. Excited Chris to have you on our launch episode of Ford Mustang, The First Generation, The Early Years Podcast, welcome Chris to the show.

Episode Notes

Here's what questions Chris Ingrassia, President of Mustang Restorations, Inc. answers on today's episode:

Mustang Restorations Inc website:
Phone: 847-428-9889

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